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November 2, 2007: NIGHTMARE ON JAZZ STREET!!!!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Do not adjust your radio dial– you’ll be too scared to move when you tune in to our HALLOWEEN EDITION of the Friday Riff. We’ll freak out with scary music from Tom Waits, Sun Ra, Arcana, and more! Tune in with your favorite ghoulfriends!

There is no “Bryan and Rob”–there is only Zeul.

October 26, 2007: Somewhere There! Sun Ra, Episode 1

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

This week we begin a series of shows dedicated to the music of Sun Ra, aka Sunny Blount, aka Mr. Mystery, aka Le Sony’r Ra, aka, aka. . . Whether you’ve always wondered what the deal is with Sun Ra, or if you are a long time fan, this show will be a treat of space-jazz goodness for you. We’ll survey a small sampling of the many sounds of Sun Ra, the pianist and composer who spanned the history of jazz with his idiosyncratic take on the music of the cosmos!

October 19, 2007: Jazz Africa, Part 1

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Africa and jazz are inexorably linked together, as the major creators and innovators of the music have been African-American. But today we’ll consider musicians from Africa and their contributions to jazz. What emerges is a sound portrait of some of the most amazing music of the last few decades. We’ll hear music from Abdullah Ibrahim, Chris McGregor and the Brotherhood of Breath, Manu Dibango, and more!

October 12, 2007: Happy Anniversary, Friday Riff!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

This week marks The Friday Riff’s first year anniversary! Bryan and Rob reaffirm their vows: to give you gifts of eclectic music, somewhere in the orbit of “jazz”, in order to investigate the various ways in which jazz shapes (and is shaped by) our world. Music from nearby and far-away, from yesterday, today, and, as Sun Ra might say, “somewhere there”!

This show is dedicated to all our listeners, near and far! Thanks!

Since it’s an anniversary, Bryan and Rob are on a honeymoon (in separate places). This is a pre-recorded celebration.

October 5, 2007: The Anthony Braxton Experience

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Today we listen to selections from the diverse soundworld of composer, multi-instrumentalist, philosopher, and friendly experiencer, Anthony Braxton. Braxton has developed an incredible musical vocabulary in his playing and in his compositions, and we’ll here samples from various periods of his career. This is the first in a series of programs dedicated to the work of this important figure in American music.